A Kins Domain Certified Product from Eco-Harmony Kins Domain Organic Farms to Support and Build Patch Adams Free Hospital in West Virginia

“I can’t believe the luck I had in finding such a beautiful heart shaped Topaz in my Hidden Treasure Gemstone Hemp Candle. I envisioned making a ring with it or earrings if I got another matching gemstone just like this one in my next candle.”
“This is going to make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my wife, who just gave birth to our second child – I think I’ll get two of them for her – for our two treasures.”
“My gemstone candle had only melted a quarter down when a big, dark object caught my eye. I blew out the candle and dug my finger into grab it. As I was working on getting it out, I felt another hard object. I pulled out the dark object which happened to be a big smoky quartz, shaped into a perfect rectangle. Every time I put my fingers back in to grab something, I kept bumping into another hard object. “Another one?” I thought, excitedly. That kept happening until I had two blue topazes, the smoky quartz, and two other crystals laid out in front of me. What an awesome surprise! I haven’t even burned my candle all the way down yet! I wear the smoky quartz around my neck for protection against certain energies and I meditate with my blue topazes. I’ve given several to friends and family as a sweet gift!.”
Oh My Goodness I asked for a candle with a purple amethyst and by God I got one!!! It is so beautiful!!! can’t pull it out yet though!! Thank you Emily and Bruce!! Such a wonderful surprise . and my heart needed the flame today!! ♥ ‘s.”
“These candles are very unique! Not only are they eco-friendly but the gemstones hidden inside are absolutely beautiful! It was like reading a novel with a cliffhanger at every corner while waiting for my gemstone to reveal itself! I never knew burning a candle could be so exciting!  I can’t wait to make a necklace out of my beautiful, oval topaz.”

Anastasia’s Hidden Treasure Gemstone Hemp Candles: Put to Music
Theme Song for The Red Cross in Europe – “Candle Song” by Jon Anderson


This Is A Special Introductory
Limited Edition & Numbered Series
Of Only 1,555 Candles.

 This Is A Product Of The Publicly Traded Company “Hemp, Inc.” With The Stock Trading Symbol (OTC: HEMP)